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  • Sunday, November 24th, 2013

    EMPACT Northwest Disaster Team 2 Returning Home.


    Manila, Philippines, November 24th, 2013

    EMPACT Team 2 returned to Manila yesterday compliments of a US Navy C-130. They will return home to Seattle Tuesday November 26th at 5:25 pm on EVA Air.

    In partnership with the United Nations and Filipino SAF, EMPACT Team 2 evaluated Barangay and provided valuable information to the UN regarding the amount and type of damage, demographic information, numbers of missing persons, and the type of relief that would be most helpful to each specific area. They also evaluated the medical infrastructure and capacity of Tacloban’s hospitals. They compiled an assessment report for use by incoming medical teams and contributed to logistical support of medication deliveries.

    EMPACT Team 2 also marked coordinates of complex recoveries requiring heavy equipment in unsearched communities. This information was also provided to the UN data stream. Team 2 participated in recovery operations in dense marshlands South of Tacloban.

    Chris Thompkins, Director of partner organization IMAT has been operating in the destroyed remote region of Cogon. They have been treating 300 patients a day. EMPACT NW raised $1300 to contribute to the delivery of 2000 lbs of medical supplies to Cogon by IMAT. This will be a welcome sight for the medical volunteers working on diminishing supplies. All supplies and volunteers must access this community by ferry.

    EMPACT NW attended the Filipino Community of Seattle’s dinner and dance auction fundraiser. EMPACT NW donated a case of EMPACT Team T shirts for auction. The shirts rose over $3000 in thirty minutes! EMPACT also participated in the Seattle University Filipino Club Bario Hype 2013 Typhoon fundraiser. All proceeds from this event will be donated to EMPACT NW Disaster Teams.

    There is great need for construction supplies and build teams. Food and medical supplies are urgently needed in the disaster area, and non deployed medical teams should remain alert.

    All of our efforts continue to be funded by donations. We have the option to donate online at www.empactnorthwest.org.

    For more information, please contact our PIO team. Cory Freeborn 360-513-7840. EMPACTcory@gmail.com

    Empact Northwest is a non-profit organization comprised of an all-volunteer force of medical and rescue professionals dedicated to providing aid and training to those in need in our communities and around the world.