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Empact expands course offerings to include NFPA Swiftwater Rescue Technician!

Empact is excited to announce that we've partnered with industry leader Swiftwater Safety Institute to bring NFPA compliant Swiftwater Technician training courses to the Pacific Northwest!

This 3-day “Technician” level course generally has 2 hours of classroom instruction each morning to front-load the day's objectives. This will be immediately followed up with developing and practicing technical water and rope rescue skills throughout the remainder of the day. The initial emphasis is on self-rescue and hazard avoidance, and other objectives include hydrology, hazards, and obstacles, basic rescue equipment, setting up basic rope systems, controlling in-water contact rescues, extrication, site control, and scene management, as well as understanding the common terminology related to all swiftwater rescue deployments. Training will meet the NFPA 1670 & 1006 objectives as defined by the NFPA for Swiftwater Operations and Technician Level training.

Online Module: Yes (4hr)

Minimum age: 18

Certification: Up to 3 years


1. Proficient swimmer

2. Physically capable

3. All of the necessary PPE

4. Meet all Essential Eligibility Criteria

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) levels of functional capability:

· Awareness

· Operations

· Technician – This Technician course covers many aspects of Awareness and Operations

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

NFPA 1006 – Standard for Technical Rescuer Professional Qualifications

NFPA 1670 – Operations and Training for the Technical Swiftwater Incident

SSI International Certification

Internationally recognized 3-year Swiftwater Rescue Training Operations (SRT-I) NFPA 1670 & 1006 Technician Compliant – Certification of Course Completion – with satisfactory practical and written skills evaluations. On occasion, it may be deemed by your instructor that a one or two-year certification is more appropriate based on practical skills evaluations. This will be outlined in the SSI Core Competencies. We also utilize an NFPA and FEMA Technician Task Sheet as validation markers of your training.

2022 Dates

April 5-7; Snoqualmie, WA

Course Fee


To Register

Registration will be open soon!

About Empact Partner Swiftwater Safety Institute

SSI has been involved in the swiftwater rescue industry for 17 years. Serving U.S. military special forces, as well as the public service and recreational sectors, SSI utilizes innovative educational techniques and integrative scenarios to allow our cadre of instructors to train professional rescue agencies, commercial guides, and private river runners around the world.

Internationally, we work in the following locations:

  • Australia

  • Chile

  • India

  • Nepal

  • New Zealand

  • Central America

We routinely work with military special operations and have been called upon to oversee river safety on various U.S. film productions. We are a collaborative team of professional rescue instructors with the field experience that literally sets us apart from others. It is our mission to provide innovative training opportunities, and we are continually helping to shape the surface water and flood response training industry. When the U.S. Navy SEALs require additional specialized river training, they call SSI.

We provide swiftwater technician level N.F.P.A. training for Federal and State agencies such as disaster relief groups (F.E.M.A.), Hazard Response Teams, Fire/E.M.S., and specific military groups. Please give SSI a call to inquire about other training opportunities.

In addition, SSI is an Empact Northwest Response Partner and has deployed to multiple hurricane and flood events as part of our response team.

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